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Chapter 2:

Chapter 2: Homecoming

The chapter is a very short one, but I guess you will have to do with that coz I purposely made the earlier ones are short so that you could connect to the story better !
Thank you! Hope you enjoy !

flashback in blue
present in green

        Three days had passed since Sameer arrived and he was having a great time here and today his second buddy was coming back. Gaurav and Sameer's joys knew no bounds! They couldn't believe he was returning to Darjeeling; their home town where they were born and brought up, the most cherished and amazing days of their life 'their childhood' had been spent here …. Eight years! A really long time to be away from a place where you heart is! And today he was coming back to the place where he and his heart belonged. Everyone was waiting for him to arrive amidst all this someone was….

"Don't you dare talk to me like that mister; I'm warning you ... the words escaped her mouth no sooner she heard him. He was accusing her for their fallout, as if she was the only one at fault wherein he was equally responsible."

'Zaid' the name was enough to take Ada back to her past. He was a good and a dear friend with whom she could be her true self, though he was Sameer's friend Ada and Zaid shared a special bond! But then one day everything changed and the Ada's world shattered. They grew apart; the only memories remaining were of a conceited and an arrogant man who always found ways to fight with her, the condition worsened each day and it was impossible for them to stand each other it felt as if a cold war was raging between them. Yet deep down in some corner of her heart Ada hoped that things would change as she still missed him and cared for him. And whenever she was nostalgic, the words came rushing back to her…

"Where ever you are,
What ever you do;
I'll always be here waiting for you,
And how much ever my heart breaks…
You'll always find me waiting for you!"

This is what Zaid always used to say her whenever they had a fight and those words still echoed loud, but the only difference was now no one would come but still Ada had a forlorn hope that he would come back one day....

       Suddenly, the sound of foot steps bought Ada back to reality from her reverie and she wiped the tear rolling down her cheek, she could not afford to be so vulnerable; she had to be strong, thinking this she plastered a smile on her face.

P.S: The verses written above are from internet...I'm not the author of them!

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Chapter 1:

I wont give a description but just begin the story, hope you like it !

Chap 1: Bonding

            The sky was beautiful, the sun was shining, the birds were chirping and a chill ran through the air. It was mid November and the weather was very pleasant, Ada loved this time of the year but her grandma dreaded this weather as she usually fell ill. It was not a usual morning it was a lovely morning filled with chaos in the home and the reason for this chaos was Sameer. Well he was not home but would be arriving shortly. In the meanwhile, grandma goes to her room and Ada to the kitchen. Suddenly there is a light knock on the door and Ada runs to the door and is ecstatic to see him and hugs him tightly.

Ada; the very mention of his sister's name transports Sameer into a different world and he ends up thinking about his sister who according to him is a sweet, simple sensitive girl who is very vivacious and a bit sarcastic at times. Who loves romance to the hilt, believes in love but feels no one will ever love her and has no reason to justify this statement of hers. Loves reading, writing poetry and articles for the local magazine and newspaper and watching romantic movies can't stand horror, at times very philosophical that people stare at her with awe and the next instance she flips sides her best friends laugh at this sudden change and label this as her "silly switch mode"; unlike him who is a very chivalrous, charming yet a sluggish person at times. Hates lies and people who backbit and loves her family very much though it only consists of only him and their grandma. Also believes in the saying "Do Good Feel Good" and a staunch believer in destiny. Is talkative but only in front of her friends not in front of strangers a unique amalgamation of an introvert and extrovert, and a total opposite to him.

          Sameer snapped out of the trance and began to speak, well how is my princess? And what is this she is having tears in her eyes… did anyone say anything to my baby?? Hearing this Ada started to laugh and said oh! My sweet brother it's just I'm overjoyed to see you back and nothing more, you know granny is waiting for you from when and you are busy here go and meet her and then we'll talk.

        Sameer agreed to this and went to his granny's room and approached her slowly from behind and embraced her and kissed her on her cheek, granny blushed at his act and said him to stop flirting with her hearing this both of them broke in laughter. In the meanwhile, Ada laid out the breakfast and called them to the dinner table. Sam is overjoyed to see his favorite and exclaims! "Aloo k parathe!!" Yummy, love you sis! I'm dying to have home made food come on lets proceed who are we waiting for?? No one I guess! so let me start and Ada smiled at this.

        While eating Sam tells them about Mumbai, his job the amount of fun he, Gaurav and Zaid have together and his colleague Zoya whom he cannot stand, both Ada and granny have a hearty laugh at this as they can't digest the fact that there is at least one sensible girl who is not mad to chase Sameer and Sameer is annoyed as they are all praises for her and Sameer is shell-shocked. The day passes and slumber takes over.

        Next morning Ada wakes up as usual and is busy doing her chores when she realizes that she had not been to her cake shop cum-caf from the last two days and Muskaan is handling the shop all by herself, so she decides to go today. Later everyone has breakfast, and Ada leaves for her cake shop when sam offers to drop her on the way to meeting his buddy Gaurav who was here a week back. On the way, the duo talk about several things finally they arrived to the "Blueberry Cake Shop". Muskaan was astonished to see them and hugged both of them and started chattering to both of them, later sam had a brownie and left. Ada and Muskaan got busy with their customers and entertaining them. Muskaan filled Ada with the latest gossip that circulated in the town. Muskaan and Ada had been friends right from childhood and even close cousins. The trio was famous in the town Muskaan, Preet and Ada "The Three Inseparable Souls". Soon they started discussing Preet's wedding and how little time was left, they had to do shopping, buy cosmetics, select the wedding card, decide the venue and so much more. They were really going to have a tight schedule but, "When Muskaan is there no worries are there," exclaimed! Muskaan

A Lovely Misunderstanding ! (Story)

Well this is the first ever written work by me..hope you like the story and also my way of presenting...
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Ada is busy doing her daily chores as usual but this time with her brother, he is back home for a month as Gaurav and Preet are getting married. Even Zaid is back in town and Zoya too has accompanied them on Gaurav's special request! Everyone is busy in the preparations of the wedding and there is a hustle-bustle everywhere. Eventually, during the course of one month many things happen and the world turns upside down and Ada's life takes a new turn'..and this time for good!