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Chapter 2:

Chapter 2: Homecoming

The chapter is a very short one, but I guess you will have to do with that coz I purposely made the earlier ones are short so that you could connect to the story better !
Thank you! Hope you enjoy !

flashback in blue
present in green

        Three days had passed since Sameer arrived and he was having a great time here and today his second buddy was coming back. Gaurav and Sameer's joys knew no bounds! They couldn't believe he was returning to Darjeeling; their home town where they were born and brought up, the most cherished and amazing days of their life 'their childhood' had been spent here …. Eight years! A really long time to be away from a place where you heart is! And today he was coming back to the place where he and his heart belonged. Everyone was waiting for him to arrive amidst all this someone was….

"Don't you dare talk to me like that mister; I'm warning you ... the words escaped her mouth no sooner she heard him. He was accusing her for their fallout, as if she was the only one at fault wherein he was equally responsible."

'Zaid' the name was enough to take Ada back to her past. He was a good and a dear friend with whom she could be her true self, though he was Sameer's friend Ada and Zaid shared a special bond! But then one day everything changed and the Ada's world shattered. They grew apart; the only memories remaining were of a conceited and an arrogant man who always found ways to fight with her, the condition worsened each day and it was impossible for them to stand each other it felt as if a cold war was raging between them. Yet deep down in some corner of her heart Ada hoped that things would change as she still missed him and cared for him. And whenever she was nostalgic, the words came rushing back to her…

"Where ever you are,
What ever you do;
I'll always be here waiting for you,
And how much ever my heart breaks…
You'll always find me waiting for you!"

This is what Zaid always used to say her whenever they had a fight and those words still echoed loud, but the only difference was now no one would come but still Ada had a forlorn hope that he would come back one day....

       Suddenly, the sound of foot steps bought Ada back to reality from her reverie and she wiped the tear rolling down her cheek, she could not afford to be so vulnerable; she had to be strong, thinking this she plastered a smile on her face.

P.S: The verses written above are from internet...I'm not the author of them!


vaisakhi said...

nyc work...verse in between work wonders i know now.....but the backgrnd is damn distractin.....plz change

Fatima said...

Thanks...hey I've changed the background since fact i'm seeing the comments today ;)

Take Care.

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