Sunday, 5 December 2010

Chap 3: Surreal

Chap 3: Surreal
flashback in blue
present in brown
        "Everything is a mystery inside a mystery, Unfold it and again it's a mystery." Well this is the way friends and acquaintances described Zaid ….an enigma. The more you tried to understand him and his personality the more you seem to become confused. Not everyone knew Zaid to the core, not even Sameer and Gaurav seem who were his best friends only one knew how he was and now the fear of facing her again gripped him again and again. Standing at the door he traveled back to his past……

        "Zaid what are you up to now?? Ada fumed or rather was very curious to know what her dear buddy was up to, she was tired of his pranks and mischievous nature he was fourteen!! yet behaved childish at times with her so that she listens and complies to his silly demands…….but Zaid was in no mood to stop. He slowly blindfolded her, taking her small delicate hands in his own took her to a place and Ada silently obeyed him.

On reaching he opened her blindfold and she was spellbound by the beauty of the place.

Never in the wildest or the most pleasant of all dreams had she seen such a beautiful place, the view was breathtaking! They were inside a cave kind of place and there was a waterfall and trees and the birds chirping and stones were lying nearby, the water rushing through the pebbles made such a sweet sound...pure soothing music indeed and the sun reflected brightly illuminating the cave. The place was so serene and ethereal. After what seemed like aeons Zaid broke the silence and spoke,

       "Loved the place Ada?" Ada just nodded her head in affirmation it seemed as if she forgot to speak, Zaid continued speaking…"you know I love this place, mom and I used to come here at times and now I come her occasionally when I feel low or remember mom and the best part is this place is so secluded that no one knows about it…
(pause)… you're the first person I bought here… (pause)….you are special Ada; now and forever! Ada could not listen more, tears were spilling from her eyes and she hugged Zaid tightly……"

        Just then the door opened and Zaid came out of his trance and he entered the house. His eyes searched for her and finally brown eyes met the black ones staring at him from a distance, a bubble of joy started forming in his heart but he still had a rough look on his face ….No I can't let loose of myself, I can't afford to be vulnerable and that too at this time…my years of hard work won't go down the drain, I won't melt…I won't become the old Zaid again …never! He thought as he entered the house and was greeted by everyone.

        But it was as his eyes and heart had betrayed him and he scanned the whole room and finally rested his eyes on hers…and was stealing glances from the corner of his eyes noticing each and everything as if scanning her from head to toe and registering her in his mind. She still looked as innocent as ever… there was a light glint in her eyes but then there was something else too like as if she were hiding some pain or sadness deep within, Zaid pondered long enough ….only to be stopped by his sane and rational mind to concentrate on others rather than her and he immersed himself in the conversation with preet and gaurav.

       There was lot to happen …after all full four weeks were awaiting, thought zaid dryly …as he engrossed himself into others.



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