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Chap 7: Melancholy

Chap 7: Melancholy   

"It was one of those dark and gloomy nights when she felt creeps and a shiver ran down her entire body, and she trembled like a kid who just had an encounter with a deadly spirit; a ghost....much more frightening and ghastly. Neither could she cry in pain nor sob in peace...her words were muffled and tears  were chocked behind her eyelids; she was unable to utter a word out of fear....her condition was heart-wrenching.
She was not worried about her own self but about her beloved child....whom she loved more than anything in the world, her joys her happiness and even her desire to escape and taste freedom were all secondary in front of her child. She would face all odds, go through worst but would never let anything harm her kid.....she vowed to protect and give her kid a comfortable and secure life. She was helpless but not weak and timid....her will power was far more than anyone could imagine.

          It was a dark and dingy room barely any light penetrated through the small window. The wind blew aimlessly and caressed her hair which were let loose...Her fragile body was recognizable even in the dim moonlight; her waist long hair had lost their sheen and luster...dark circles framed her eyes and blots of blood decorated her lips, yet there was no trace of a single tear nor a remorseful look...she sat there motionless...her innocence had been tarnished and taken away from her a long time back.

         The full moon night, the dim moonlight penetrating her abode and the humming of the nightingale didn't seem to relax her and give her peace; the more she thought of  soothing herself the more ruffled she became. Just the thought of him..sent shivers down her spine ...when he was around she felt horrid and weird and terrible...his words sounded lusty and his touch filthy. He approached her like a feral animal ready to pounce on it's innocent prey. Every time he entered the room it was just for one satisfy his hunger ..for his carnal pleasures. He didn't care about her neither her well being...nor did he care for the fact that she was his wife and the mother of their child....she was trapped....trapped in this deceptive and cruel world where life was worst then hell...and crushed between the palms of her ruthless and heartless husband......
The noise of footsteps were heard again and her heart pounded loudly against her chest and the sound grew louder and louder as it started reverberating in the closed walls of the house...making her recoil more.

          "You filthy little dare you hide yourself away from me?? Why are you shying away sweetheart ?? Can't you see your beloved husband has come to meet you darling !! won't you greet me with pleasure ??", his voice barked
 and she was shaken more to the core
........finally after a few seconds later gathering courage she spoke.....
"Oh! you feral've stooped so very low, that you no longer even have the right and honour to call yourself my husband...I'm just an object for you, ain't I ?? Come to me when desired and then leave me...I'm not helpless nor am i whore as you consider me as...I'm just silent for the sake of my child...not more than that................"                         before she could continue any further there was a sound of thud, he slapped her across her face and engulfed her within his strong arms...and ripped clothes off her with an air of impatientness and wickedness......and her cries and pleas went unheard............."

  Mom! ..... 

Zaid jerked out of his sleep and was panting and breathing heavily...minutes later his breath came back to normal and he pondered over his nightmare....No it was not a mere nightmare but a harsh and brutal reality that his mother had undergone.....his mother loved his dad unconditionally leading her life in forlorn hope that he'll amend his ways and change....yes he changed; but not for better but for worst.....Zaid had witnessed more such incidences as he grew up and they got etched on his  young mind...making him believe nothing called love existed in this world just mere course with the passage of time this veil was uncovered; but yet deep down he had the fear...and he trailed into his thoughts.....
        " I don't trust myself Ada...what if I hurt you ?? what if your pained  after knowing the truth ?? No I can't .....I can't see your heart rip into pieces and shatter ....I just can't admit to you.....yes 'I Love You'  more than you can imagine...more than my heart and soul; but I can't risk our friendship our the friendship we had back telling you..I can't keep our friendship at stake and that's the only reason for my ice cold behavior towards you....I can't let you know my feelings and desires when I know you'll never love me; I'm just a dear and special friend to you.......", sighed Zaid as he finally gave way and let out his long lost emotions...
         But what he didn't know was Ada too loved him unconditionally and he by his cold attitude was himself drifting the love of his life apart.....
All he hoped now was the wedding day to approach soon....three days......they seemed like three years or more so....and then he would leave never to return again...never to disturb Ada's calm and unperturbed life! and let destiny take it's own course.


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