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Chap 8: Soiree

Chap 8: Soiree

      The whole household was busy with chores and was stirring up with the last minute preparations, finally the big day had arrived and joy and happiness lit the home. Everyone was running here and there and the hustle-bustle left everyone panting. Old melodious wedding songs were playing, guests were chattering and the bride and groom were nervous in their respective homes and looking forward to the evening!
    The evening was cold due to the light snow fall and mist shrouded the way, the colourful lights illuminated the background and added a touch to the serene place.
    Gaurav was seated in a shimmering white car, unlike the traditional horse being led by Sameer and zaid and accompanied by some other local friends and the Khanna family! Zoya too joined them as she was from both sides. He looked handsome in his golden sherwani with cream patchwork, a white shera covered his face he moved it aside and gazed outside in the hope of seeing his beautiful bride and was caught off guard by zoya while he was busy blushing.
   Preet sat quietly dressed in her bridal attire in her bedroom as her friends and cousins joked and giggled around her adding to her nervousness. She looked around and took a last look at her bedroom and memories of her younger self flocked her mind, and she blushed deeply the day she dreamed off had finally arrived, she was getting married to the man of her dreams, the love of her life! Her heart thudded impatiently with excitement and jitter waiting for him to arrive soon.
  A moment later, distant sounds of wedding band was heard and Muskaan and Ada left to greet them as Preet adjusted her ghunghat taking one last look of herself as a maiden!
  Preet's parents greeted the groom's family and friends, flashing smiles. Gaurav descended from the car and walked towards Geeta, Preet's mom welcomed him with an Aarti thali, he moved his sehra aside and bowed his head so as to take blessings from her, she smiled and led him inside.
  Preet's father Abhinav greeted Prachi and gaurav's family and friends and took them inside the wedding hall where the ceremony was to take place, soon everyone got seated. Gaurav waited eagerly at the alter and looked sideways every now and then to get a glimpse of his lovely bride, and Sameer and zaid pulled his leg and teased him to glory yet gaurav remained unfazed and grinned!
 A couple of minutes later Preet descended down the stairs with Ada, Zoya and Muskaan on her sides, Gaurav almost leapt with joy seeing her ! She looked stunning in her heavily embroidered gold lehenga, heavy gold neck less and earrings adding to the beauty. He gulped unable to gasp her image into his heart.
  Zaid on the other hand was feeling the same on seeing Ada, she looked breathtakingly beautiful in her baby pink chiffon saree with silver embroidery and crystal work, a vision of ethereal beauty. He could not keep his eyes of her! She too noticed him and felt shy and blushed deeply trying to concentrate more on preet rather than him. She stole furtive glances at him from under her lashes and almost stumbled, his warm brown eyes stirred her soul and butterflies fluttered in her stomach at the look, he looked tall and handsome in his maroon sherwani with golden work, he complimented her in every way. She blushed like a young bride on her wedding.
  She snapped out of her reverie when she heard the priest chanting the wedding vows. Soon Preet and Gaurav got up to go around the sacred fire for seven times, they were completed in no time and the priest handed Gaurav a small container of sindoor, he took a pinch and smeared it in the small parting of her hair, symbolizing his commitment forever and then wrapped a gold mangalsutra around her neck and tied the ends. Finally they were man and wife! Everyone wished them a long and a happy married life; they stood up to take Ada's grandma's and their parents blessings.
 They took blessings and finally it was time for the bidaai ceremony and tears of joy and sorrow as separation from parents filled Preet's eyes and she hugged her near and dear ones.
  A lone tear fell from Zaid's eyes too, as he thought he would never have such a beautiful moment with the girl of his dreams! But you never know until the right time comes!


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