Sunday, 5 December 2010

Chap 5: Merriment

Chap 5: Merriment
         The whole household was waking up stirring with the hustle-bustle of the engagement, excited guests chattering and children giggling; the whole house was lit in a celebration mode. Preet's parents as well as Ada's granny wanted a full fledged traditional engagement ceremony first and later on wedding with all the pomp. Everyone was in site the bride fretting over her dress and Zoya calming her down, Muskaan bantering with the servants and Gaurav and Sameer were late as usual…Zaid had been out for two days on the pretext of some personal work.

          The day had just begun to rise and the sun sprinkled its soft rays on her lovely delicate form. A sweet smile played on her lips and she was lost in her faraway dreamland with her prince charming. Suddenly, the cold water flushed her dream and she woke up irking. "Bro can't you find just another way to wake up your darling sister??" Ada said, annoyingly Oh! My sweetie I was just taking revenge from you nothing more dear, Sameer added cheekily and went out of the room leaving behind a blazed Ada. Oh! Keep a check on yourself Ada …don't think so such that even your dreams revolve around it, you can't survive another heartbreak dear, Ada sighed as she got up and got ready for the day ahead.

          The cold November evening mist concealed the sleepy hill station; the lights illuminated in the background and added a touch to the serene placid nature. Soon after the couple was standing at the alter gazing each other with nothing but love in each others eyes, soon the stare broke as Prachi Khanna; Gaurav's mom summoned everyone to gather around for the engagement ceremony. The gorgeous couple stood facing each other and shying to face others. On the far right corner of the bride stood Ada watching her friends bond till eternity; oh! How she wished she could be there instead of Preet and Zaid as her companion for life…..she had cherished this dream for long, suddenly she snapped out of her reverie with the sound of claps and she mingled with everyone and later joined her friends in pulling the new couple's leg, of how they used to proudly joke,
"Me and Gaurav?? Falling in love!! Are you guys joking?? We are so very contrasting in nature…"  
and now the same friends were moving ahead to embark on a new journey together; and ada again slipped into her virtual world.

         On the other extreme corner Zaid was busy stealing glances of Ada every now and then, "Long dusky eyelashes rested on her flushed cheeks, a sweet smile played on her curved lips her jet black waist long hair were let loose today and above all, her peacock blue colored sari with silver work and silver chandelier earrings added to the beauty. She looked like an angel descended on earth …so gorgeous and so innocent….a man would be mad not to fall in love with her and despite the fact she was a "romantic idealist" (as Zaid had labeled her) she was a perfect combination of beauty with brains; a blend of both emotional and practical. Suddenly the music brought Zaid out of his starring session." What the hell was I doing?? Checking a girl out and that too Ada?? Am I out of my mind?? What if she comes to know about my feelings for    her?? Oh! Dear lord help me in keeping a check on myself and my traitor heart which always somersaults when it sees Ada. I can't let her come close to me she'll probably hate me more if she knows my dreadful past…yes it's a dreadful full of pretense and deception….she'll be more distant than as of now, I can't be that irrepressible I need to hold on to my feelings for at least one more week or so, like I've been doing for the past two weeks…then it'll be over I'll be gone and I will not return hopefully", thinking all this Zaid drifted back away from his thoughts and mingled with everyone savoring the party.


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