Sunday, 5 December 2010

Chap 4: Dilemma

Chap 4: Dilemma

       A week rolled by swiftly since zaid had arrived and the preparations were in full swing; yet so much was …left engagement in two days time and marriage the next week left everyone exhausted not even sparing the bride and bridegroom themselves.

       Sameer what the hell are you doing here?? Huh watching football?? When you know so much work is pending …..what's with you guys and football can't you not watch that game for a day…???....flared Zoya.     Stop stop calm down Zoya...huh! I don't get it how you girls speak in a single breath..??. Just shut up will u Sameer …I have better things to do rather than argue with you, snapped Zoya. Oh! Miss Zoya is busy other than office work I get it and Sameer broke into laughter which irked Zoya more to the core…go to hell as if I care let Ada only deal with you ; no sooner he heard his sisters name he ran for his life…………..

       Zaid had been watching this conversation from the corner of his eyes and was smiling inwardly seeing Zoya and Sameer fight like kids…it reminded him of his teenage years…he was still lost in his dreamland when Preet nudged him. "Hey buddy you seem to be lost I've been noticing since the time you've arrived???" is everything alright?? Asked Preet as she sensed some thing was fishy here… hmm nothing Preet, just wondering how life has changed …(pondering) Hey I'll catch up with you later got some work , he left and Preet kept wondering what's with these guys ?? from the moment Zaid has arrived both Zaid and Ada had not talked to each other talking is a far off thing they would not even see each other, even Ada seems to be aloof now-a-days and Zaid too. I need to talk to Muskaan or Gaurav; even Gaurav was saying the other day regarding the behavior of these two as Zaid made him realize his love for me (Preet) and he himself is straying away from love and friendship there ought to be something that's making matters more complicated than earlier…was it better these guys were away from each other?? No it was not they need to talk and bury the differences after all they are not sixteen year old anymore, she sighed as she walked towards the kitchen and thought of talking to others later; where Ada and Muskaan were busy discussing the engagement plans Zoya joined then later and the girls continued with their talks.

       Preet did notice Ada in between their talks and sighed…what did happen that drifted the two apart that they don't even talk to each other?? God this is getting more and more complicated day by day…Ada is recoiling in her shell and Zaid's attitude problem… The last two weeks are going to turn out be more interesting it seems, sighing she went back to their discussion.



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