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ReConnect - Step into the world of technology

The past few months have been  too hectic for me, college and project work taking up most of the time. Yet with so much of an hectic schedule I managed to find time to venture out and enjoy with my friends but still there was tiredness and worry about completion of work at the back of my mind.
Luckily, last week I completed B.Tech and I was finally free. And with that new found freedom came another awesome event by IndiBlogger a Reliance Digital Experience.

Skipping skipping everything about my exams and how I felt like a free bird let me come to the most important thing and that is the event. I along with my other blogger buddies decided to visit the store at Infinity Mall, Malad on the 15th of June. Now I was surely in for a surprise as I had never been to the said mall before and what a shock. I was pleasantly surprised by the interior of both the mall and the reliance store. In our excitement we by mistakenly mistook 1st floor for the 2nd and searched for "Reliance Store" and to our dismay found none and it was then that someone realized that we were indeed on the wrong floor and we made our way to the store where we were greeted by Mr. Vishal the store manager and later on Nihal, one from the Indi team. Finally we heaved a sigh of relief (rather laugh of relief :D)


After acquainting ourselves to the new environment, and realizing we weren't the first ones to come at near about 11:15 am. We greeted Vishal once again and he took us on a tour of the whole store.

Reliance Digital is a multi-brand electronic store that houses entertainment, personal care, information technology, home appliances, telecom et al. under one roof. It is the fastest growing electronic store not only in the city but also the country. Also there will be three new store that would be launched, two of those include Neptune Mall Bhandup and Maxus Mall Bhyander. All this valuable information was given to us by the store manager and our guide for the time being Mr. Vishal.

The first thing I saw once we entered the store was the Power Aisle. It is named so because it is the most economical and budget friendly with varying discounts on products that allure the customer towards purchasing them.

Power Aisle
Once my focus shifted away from the power aisle, it landed on gadgets. Laptops and cell phone alike. I was amazed that there were so many new models and brands. Earlier I thought only Croma had that facilities but Reliance proved me wrong this time too. I couldn't believe that there were so much to choose from. Also there were some companies like Sony, Blackberry etc that provided End Caps.

Not only was the iphone here, but there is a whole dedicated store to Apple known as the Apple istore on the Ground Floor of the mall that houses just the Apple isn't it !


Apart from brands like Sony, Blackberry there were others like Philips, LG, Samsung, lenovo, their own brand Reconnect et al that took up most of the other space. The sector included both electronic items like LCD TV's, washing machine, refrigerators everything that one needs.

Apart from this there was this whole big gaming section that was dedicated to people who love gaming and that excludes me. So I didn't really spend much time here apart from the little we were supposed to go. But it did seem really nice.

There was this amazing explanation given to us about the different types of professional camera's available in the market today and which should one go for depending if, they already are into photography or are amateurs. It was something I really liked the best.

Surprise after surprise, once we were done with this we came to know that not only does this store offer you a digital experience but there is also Reliance Time Out Corner at the back of it, that includes Books, Movies, Art and Craft supplies etc. Not only this but this is the only bookstore in the whole mall. Amazing isn't it and the collection though not like a typical bookstore is still decent as it mostly includes new releases.

After almost spending close to more than an hour and half here it was finally time to bid  the store adieu. It was indeed a very pleasant and an informative experience. And I somehow think I might visit a Reliance Digital Store when  I wish to browse and purchase something when I'm not sure which to buy or from where. As is it not only customer friendly but even economically as it saves time.

Yet another Indi Meet was concluded successfully, though this was not really a meet but well we got to meet our blogger friends once again. All thanks to Reliance and Indiblogger.

This post has been written for The Reliance Digital Experience powered by IndiBlogger 

Photographs Courtesy: Vaisakhi Mishra and from the Bloggers Group where pics are uploaded.



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