Thursday, 31 January 2013

Book Review: Men On My Mind

TITLE: Men On My Mind
AUTHOR: Radha Thomas
PUBLISHER: Rupa Publications
ISBN: 9788129120502
BINDING: Paperback
PAGES: 280

Men On My Mind is the debut novel of the jazz vocalist Radha Thomas. True to its name the book is funny, chick lit and light hearted.  

The book begins with a 7-year old girl, who overhears a conversation between her mother and aunt and thus begins her journey in the world of men or rather to put it more specifically ‘men on my mind.’ The first chapter though doesn’t entirely prepare for the rest of the book as it is more of a character and setting introduction.  

The novel is true to its name, tracing the adventures of an Indian girl who is into men since the age of seven. From an all girls convent boarding school, to dreams filled with tall, dark and handsome crush right out of a Mills and Boons novel and teenage crises; she makes her way from one place to another. To make this journey exciting she always has a BFF by her side discussing everything that girls share right from stories of first crush to the other fun gossips. 

She is a casual girl who juggles with more than one relationship at a time, after she realizes the short comings of her first big crush. Kissing on the first meet and one night stands also do not bother her. She is someone whom guys fall for but she just tries to fit them in her criteria waiting for ‘Mr. Right One’ to finally arrive and sweep her off her feet. 

Her journey traces from Mumbai to Panchgani, to Delhi, New York and parts of New Zealand, Fiji and China exploring herself and other species..err men. But sadly ‘Mr. Right One’ always eludes away and she is left with pathetic sloppy kissers, rich old men who are supposed to be family friends, DJ, pianist et al. the list is never ending and her quest continues with no particular direction. Spoilt could be the word for her, but then again one can’t fight the matters of mind and heart can they? 

The book can be termed has hilarious because there are moments when you are like really so many types of men exist? But basically it’s all about different men and relationships and while waiting for the true one to arrive she experiments with all the wrong ones. What’s the fun in just waiting all alone.

Though the book is fast paced and full of different scenarios at times it gets too monotonous with all the fickle men talk surrounding it and that is a major put off. But if, you see past it, it’s just about a woman who desires a little more than love and craves for adventure all in the midst of finding her ‘Mr. Right One’

At the end, if you don’t have anything else to read and just want to read something that is light, sexy, funny and audacious this is the book for you. 

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