Monday, 25 February 2013

Silky Like Silk..

Same year different day a continuation to my crazy wacky experimentation to get smooth and straight hair using innumerable ideas of ironing, making the hair sleep under the weight of heavy books and even some mom-made ideas et al. @Mischief Managed <you can check it out here>

Nevertheless after a while all had failed and I was back to my lustrous locks. But they say perseverance pays and it surely did; err not for me always you see as I'm the impatient one but this time it did. Well I didn't really wait did I?? As I had not only resorted to my crazy ideas but still waited for some miracle to happen and what a luck it did happen, with the launch of "Sunsilk Perfect Straight" moreover I was lucky to get a free sample by IndiBlogger but not so lucky enough to use without feeling a little sheepish as I had proudly claimed there can never be a shampoo to tame my curly hair *embarrassment you see.*

The lucky hamper :)

Anyways enough of me poking myself for my loss. Let me narrate or rather illustrate "The" experience after using the "Miracle Shampoo."  After all a picture speaks much more than even thousand words can convey.

This snap of the unruly, curly hair were taken before taking a head bath for the first time with the Sunsilk perfect straight. 

Before hair wash pic1 
Before hair wash pic2

Once I was done doing the photo-shoot; I immediately went to have a bath. Basically, there were no different procedure to wash the hair but the same like using every other shampoo. First shampoo your hair and rinse them gently and then apply the conditioner to the ends for a minute or two before rinsing that off too.

Now of-course, I couldn't see the difference until I stepped out of the bathroom so I was again hoping that it doesn't work but then again contradicting myself please let it work. *Note to thyself: If, it works further embarrassment to myself.* And then, I finally stepped outside with my hair wrapped in a towel. subconscious drama queen pacing...moment of truth finally... 

I unwrapped my hair brushing them slightly, waiting for them to dry and the smell that wafted in the air was a sweet tooty-fruity least to me it felt so. And I couldn't believe my eyes; well I can't really write it down you better see the results.

After hair wash pic
And now as even you can see my hair were finally sleek, smooth and silky and all due to Sunsilk Perfect Straight and that too in the very first wash.

If, only I had waited and not experimented even I would have sleek hair with minimal effort earlier. But realizing my folly now I plan to use this very Miracle Shampoo whenever I want my lustrous locks to be straight thereby reducing the hassle. 

Indeed, really glad that Sunsilk came up with such an amazing product and that too at an economical and affordable price. 

And folks reading this, please do give it a try. You will surely see the results especially people like me who thought ironing was the only way to get straight hair.

At the end, I can proudly say

The Mischief was finally Managed with no, not a single help from Magic but from Sunsilk Perfect Straight..! Even muggles have solution to everything.. :)


P.S: The url used in the pics is of my other blog, I had planned on posting it there earlier as this blog was not approved by IndiBlogger when the pics were clicked and sorry for the lack of pics, I don't have a good camera just the cell phone one and also less memory space. Nevertheless, happy to have got straight hair. :)


Bushra said...

Beautiful outcome! You've got beautiful hair indeed:)
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Thank You so much Bushra :)

And also thanks for the follow, will visit you soon.


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wow :-) really very interesting post :-)

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