Monday, 23 June 2014

Zindagi Gulzar Hai

"Zindagi bahot si ajeeb baton ka majmua hai, ajeeb baatein itefakat mojze. Baaz dafa samhaj nahi aati, agar isko kisi ek jumle mei bayan karna pade toh wo kya hoga? Zindagi Gulzar Hai.." 

This statement has never felt so powerful before with all emotions wrapped in one tight ball, like it did on this very day. I watch a lot of cross culture, across the border drama's with no motive other than feeling connection. My tryst with Pakistani TeleFilms began around past 2-3 years. I still remember a friend of mine residing in USA went on talking about "Humsafar" and how amazing it is. At first I thought it was some drama aired on DD in the olden days as it was based on Episode format, and then came the realization. It's an across the border creation. I couldn't stop myself from searching it on youtube and watching.

It would be mild to say, that I wasn't moved by it, or that it didn't strike a chord with me. It left me mesmerized and this is how I fell in love with the drama's. Always talking about them with one of my blogger friend Kiran (she's from Pakistan) and discussing various drama's too. Sometimes, I longed to see them on the big screen alas! that didn't seem to be possible. Imagine my surprise when Zee launches Zindagi, priceless!

And then came another big surprise, 22nd June, 2014 was one of kind when Indiblogger in collaboration with Zee Zindagi announced the #JodeyDilonKo meet.  

Excitement, anxiousness, the high of getting to meet friends after long coupled with weird nervousness is what I entered the premises of the venue, "The Leela" The moment I entered everything flew out of the window for Indiblogger is known to throw impromptu surprises. There were team of technicians (what for I thought earlier) banners of various drama's that are to be telecasted;  "Zindagi Gulzar Hai" , "Aunn Zara" and "Kitne Girhain Baaki Hai" to name a few.

This meet was no different, it started with lunch, making our presence known on the famous social networking website. Still one thing that was totally amazing was that Delhi was having the same meet side by side with the advantage of VC.

What began as merriment between Mumbai and Delhi soon turned to a war, with each city defending their pride. Almost matching the intensity of India vs Pakistan cricket match. Debating right from which men has the most handsome men to the best street food. And though it looked like soon World War Three would break out, the arrival of the imminent personalities saved the country literally :P  

The Zee Zindagi team arrived, introducing us to the world of Pakistani serials that would soon be aired and the idea, how it was conceived and finally brought to fruition. And then arrival of the most awaited guest of the evening (gosh at least for me :D) Imran Abaas Naqvi. I couldn't believe that he was actually in front of me, flesh and bones not behind a laptop screen. I felt like I was falling in love with him all over again *la la land*

His brown eyes with tint of hazel, mesmerizing playful smile, the cool and collected way he interacted with everyone present irrespective of the nature of questions thrown at him. What I really liked about him, was the way he handled the questions that focused more on political relationship between the two countries and gracefully navigated the focus to Arts and Entertainment. Personally, it didn't come as a shock for me that Indian Entertainment is hugely followed in Pakistan, that there are so many ardent fans of Bollywood. It really made me go aww when he told us that he has a collection of old evergreen songs by famous Indian artists like Mohd. Rafi, Kishor Kumar and others. It was sweet and touching in its own simple way.

Not only did we meet him, we had the privilege to voice talk to Sultana Siddique (producer and director at Hum TV) whom he fondly addressed as "Sultana Aapa" his mentor, his guide and someone who molded his career and life. I'm sure it was a proud moment for her too seeing him receiving love across the border.

The man was like a Pandora's Box to me with so many hidden talents being unfurled as time passed. Not only he is an amazing actor, we learned about his awesome singing abilities. His voice was soulful, and a pleasure to listen to. He sang two songs "Aisa Des Hai Mera" and "Tum Hi Ho", but I only took the voice recording of the song. Owing to Deepti Verma I got the idea to post a song of his that someone else took a video of. Thanks Dee :D You too should listen to it, the video is posted by Meghana on youtube, thanks sweetheart for recording it :))

How could the meeting be complete without Anoop's witty sense of humor and pulling Nihal and Delhi's leg everytime some competition came up. Also there were goodies, that some lucky people won not me though! People *including me* clicked pics with Imran Abaas personally and some even took his autograph as a symbol of memory :) And though I await the release of his first Bollywood movie alongside Bipasha Basu, I've heard it's horror and if it's true I think I'm gonna miss it *sheepish smile*

I am really looking forward to seeing some of the shows again and some brand new ones that I had not seen on Zindagi :) At the end of the day, what I realized was though we are from two different nations we are very much the same. I remember Imran's words "Hum do alag mulko zarur hai, lekin hamara khoon aur hamari mitti ek hi hai." 

As a parting to this post, I post this small poem in Urdu by me

Zindagi ko par laga do,
Wo hai udne ko tayaar..
Zanjeero mei nahi hai bandhna,
Isse sunni hai panchion ki pukar..
Aasmano ko hai chuna,
Pehen-na hai bulandiyo ka taj..
Wo sarhad par se pukaare,
Hum unki awaz sunne ko hai bekarar..
Jahan aman ki asha pukare har ek dil ko,
Wahan zindagi jodey dilon ko..



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