Sunday, 20 July 2014

Zesty Like Citrus

“What is this life if, full of care. We have no time to stand and stare.” 

Life passes by us, just like those tiny hands of the clock slowly ticking away. Moving in a monotonous pace, living the mundane life is what most of us do, don’t we? Home-Work-Eat-Work-Home. Tada! The day is over. Where is the enthusiasm, where is the zest?

So on this ‘mundane’ Sunday I sat on my usual isolated location surrounded by books and kept on
pondering. Is there nothing that keeps me motivating, prodding me to look ahead to each new day or is there something that triggers me into welcoming the morning sunshine with a sleepy yet satiated smile? And the answer was instantaneous, what maybe be boring to someone may be tangy to someone else. Here, the someone else being me :D

So since, I’m such a zesty person with so much gusto let me even be a little less lazier and share it out here on my blog.


Reading anytime, anywhere as long as it is not a boring non-fiction or a business journal. You’ve got me hooked. I am such a novel freak that even though my poor smartphone is overflowing I have overstuffed it with e-books. The other day my friend exclaimed, what you don’t have Candy Crush Saga in your phone! Embarrassing moment it should have been but it wasn’t, the love the feel of losing myself in a book, paperback or electronic. Even after a long tiring day, reading a book cheers me up. If it’s a classic it’s a boon!

Watching Movies:

Now I ain’t saying I’m a die-hard movie buff or someone who no matter what watches the “First day First show.” Nah I’m not that kind of a girl but there are days when even reading seems painstaking and I’m drooping. That’s what those movies come to the rescue. 3-4 back to back and I’m bouncing back letting go of my aridity. It’s a bliss and I totally fall in love with cinema and life all over again.

Cooking is Therapeutic:

I’m not a big time foodie but I’m a very choosy picky eater. Throughout my life I’ve bugged my mum, sometimes I still do coz I don’t like the way she makes it or it’s not my favorite. This was how my love for cooking was born. Experimenting with various cuisines, whipping something yummy with very less ingredients; in short cooking gives me a high. The first time I cooked something was way back in my 8th std. believe me it was a disaster apart from me no one ate it. But over the years, not only has my cooking evolved but my family looks forward to my cooking. On a very secretive note, I think my mum is very happy as she has got a break from her cooking, as she just gets to enjoy like a good patron and I’m the poor chef.

Silver Moon and Sea:

I’m a true romantic and I live in place where the lord has bestowed us with sand n sea. Fusing them together, I love strolling along the sea side at night, with the stars shining bright. Not only is it pleasurable and refreshing. It even drains out the fatigue of the long hard day. Though this delightful activity is not possible daily, I try to take out time on weekends to unwind.


I simply cannot help it. I am undoubtedly and blatantly a talkative. It’s not like I haven’t tried to curb it or in the most lower it. It simply does not happen. My report cards have been constantly been having this remark, “She’s talkative or She’s a chatterbox or She’s simply too exuberant.” I don’t really know if it’s a good thing or bad, but even when I’m low or sad I’ll be talking. Hell I end up talking more than usual then. It might come across as a turn off to someone silent, but chatting make me lively and vivacious.

I would like to end on this note, zest is different for everyone else. For someone it might be the loud pumping music of a disc, for another a quiet night curled up with a book on a couch would provide the same high. What matters is what elevates you and gives you a high.

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Amrit Sinha said...

He he ... nice lists chatterbox :-p

Anita said...

Sweet post!
Congrats for your win :)

Bushra M said...

Congrats dear! Enjoy Goa :)

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