Thursday, 31 July 2014

The Wizard of Oz err Skyscanner

Her: Dude I'm tired, I need a break. I so so wanna go on a holiday!

Me: Duh, didn't you just go to Kashmir and Goa? It's me who needs a break...poor me couldn't even go to Goa Zest trip :-/

Her: Yeah, poor you. *lost in a faraway land* You remember we had this bucket list back then in our 12th std.

Me: I do, visiting so many places. Though I so wish I could go to Leh Ladakh or Sikkim now. 

Her: Omg omg! You are a genius Fati, let's go to Sikkim. 

Me: Hey Varsha take a breath, what are you saying? You've office I have college. How on earth? When..

This is how it all began two months ago, impromptu out of the blue deciding that come October we'll be packing our bags and going to Sikkim a place from our bucket list. Booking Airline tickets, car travel, hotel booking, sightseeing.. Ah! Easy Jet Set Go. It's a smart fast forward world, travelling is such a cake walk.

The Tsomgo Lake, The Rumtek Monastery, the Flora and Fauna...gosh the evening sky, the simple way of life..away from the hustle bustle of Mumbai... I could just imagine how blissful our trip was going to be!

*What was I thinking? Was I in my right mind? Why-o-why did I agree with V that I'll plan our whole trip, right from bookings  to everything else :-/* 

This is exactly what I was going through since two days, what for a mere 4 day tour. I just couldn't decide which flight to book, or which is a good hotel everything seemed like a big fat jumble mumble. Let, me let you in on a secret or the root cause of everything evil; I and Vaisakhi we are a little stingy and combining together we had only Rs. 1 Lakh to spare.

Frustrated to the core and on the verge of scrapping our trip or just yelling at someone. I suddenly came across something, something that seemed like a rainbow in the cloudy gray skies. It felt like magic, like it had a magic wand that vanished worries replacing them with joys and mirth! A wizard to aid me weave my modern travel tale, it felt like I was Glinda and the rescuer the wizard of Oz or in my words skyscanner.

Everything that seemed like an impossible task earlier now seemed to vanish in sight! Not only was I able to book my airplane tickets, I also pre-booked our car service and did the hotel bookings. And that too in a record time of 1 hour (well had to consult it with Varsha the developer too :D ) And at last I went on jotting down the places we would definitely visit.

Hold on a moment, you don't believe me do you? Gosh do not worry I knew you wouldn't and hence I have evidence to prove my truth! *she couldn't believe me too :P*

Actions Speak Louder than words so I will do my travel wizard do the talking :)

Mumbai -- Bagdogra Airport -- Car/taxi to Gangtok -- Enjoying Sikkim -- Returning back home

First thing First - The Flight Bookings: Mumbai to Bagdogra flights are the fastest ! There were plenty of flights, sadly none were direct. While going it was less time, but while coming home it was more. Then it dawned, this is like a blessing in disguise as we decided to meet our friends from Delhi during the 2 hour halt at Delhi airport on our way home. And the best was cheap? Yes and also it was so easier to compare need for tedious algorithms or comparing techniques.

Second thing- Going from Bagdogra Airport to Gangtok:  Now this is important, if we don't reach Gangtok we don't get to see Sikkim plus we can't splurge more..uhu how are we to travel the exotic land then ! So then, I search the car hire section! Lo and Behold, not only am I able to book a cab but hey it was almost just Rs. 2200 approx so it was effective, the best thing was it wasn't about to shoot up around Rs.3000 :D

 Hotel Reservations: Princesses need royal treatment and hence, the perfect hotel for the perfect girls. We decided a well connected hotel that even serves breakfast was a good option. Dual beds and beautiful gardens..hard to resist.

For 3 nights, Rs.1 short of Rs.30,000 (Rs. 29,999) was a blessing !

Being the less spending people we are, I looked into our expenditure
Total Money Spent: Just Rs.73493 *Is this for real? 1 hour ago I could fit anything in our budget and now our kitty has some money left..miracle!*

Can't help but share how much we saved, an oh my dear god amount of Rs. 26507

Just think now, we have so much saved that not only can we visit our favorite destinations but can also do a little shopping. Which girl doesn't love to shop and when there are not one but two, you can imagine :D

When now I'm busy packing up my bags, coordinating with V and checking if everything is in place. But I promise you, when I'm back I'll share all the beautiful pics of all the beautiful places we visited!

As I sit, to pen down my diary for the night I see this post of mine written some time ago! Feels like a complete circle, I wished to visit Sikkim and my wizard made it all possible! Who said magic is wands and fairies, a timeless folklore written to soothe young children. I felt that too earlier, but skyscanner made me believe, believe that magic exists, if only we know to look for it! Magic is indeed there and it's Special!

There are places and then there are places. Every person we meet has a story to tell, likewise every place has a story of it's own. Some stories we are able to see and read about in scriptures while the others are only to be felt. Every time we talk about travel all I usually hear is "I wish to go to Venice or I so wanna go to Malaysia or Dubai" but me I beg to differ. I wish to experience and explore my own motherland before I venture outside. There are loads of places that I visit and capture in my memory album, though there is one that outweighs the rest. I read this on some website about this place, "Good things come in small packages that's what describes Sikkim the best." And believe me nothing describes it best!

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