Saturday, 30 August 2014

North & South

What happens when things collide? When two extremes cross each other? Either we are shocked and bewildered or it's a pleasant surprise full of euphoria! This is exactly what happened to me on a certain 23rd August when I after lot of coaxing and cajoling by my blogger friends decided to lift my lazy self on a fine Saturday morning, boarding a Southbound train to go Colaba Causeway the shoppers delight in Mumbai. But I don't really love shopping so what could be of so much interest there that I dragged myself all the way till Churchgate that didn't tempt me into getting into an empty Northbound train..Obviously a cell phone store Univercell Sync nestled in the historic side of Mumbai, right next to Regal Cinema! <Shoppers Delight>

I'm sure you must be wondering, what's so different about this new store  that could set it apart from the already existing mobile stores all over? Well you got to visit to it :D but since, I already visited it; I take it upon me to be your esteemed tour guide and help you navigate through the store.

One of the best things of Univercell Sync is that you get everything and anything about phone under one roof; be it accessories, comparing different models, being able to choose the best one you prefer out of the rest, simple clarity if you are confused as to what to purchase. So, lets go step by step. The store in general is divided into 6 major sections.

1) Snap n Share:

A picture is worth a thousand words, or so it is told. For someone who loves clicking photographs be it selfie or otherwise, this is the one section where they need to hunt for the best phones in market irrespective of the brands. Rest assured you need not go online to compare the picture quality, the screen size etc it's all there at your disposal.

2) Muzik :

If music be the food of love, play on. Shakespeare believed in it, and chances are even you do. If, you're someone whose life is music- heart and soul. This is definitely where you can get not only the best sound quality phone depending on your taste but even all the accessories required; earplugs, headphones, soundshooter and even speakers.

Can you imagine, that there can actually be a whole section dedicated to phones just based on their sound quality? Well I couldn't before I experienced Univecell Sync.

3)  New New Brand New

This is one of those sections that houses the latest models of phones in the market. These cell phones are the ones which are new in the market with promising features and quality. And the best part about this section is, it catches your eye the moment you step inside. 

4) Popularity:
This section has the popular phones in the market. Right from Nokia Lumia to a Nexus or a Samsung phone. Another feature of this section, is that it's visible from the outside <reminds me of window shopping tempting the shoppers to have a more closer look> 

5) For You & Me

As the name suggests, this is the aisle where you can view and compare phone that can everyday average user needs. Pocket friendly and covering every aspect required in a phone. Phone in this arena include models like Samsung I8262- Core Duos, Samsung Duos S and even brands like Karbonn and Micromax that have recently emerged in the Indian markets.

6) Tab Zone:

 This is an area that concentrates more on the tabs that are currently in market. The main focus of this section, are kids, as these days the classrooms are more eco-friendly and e-based. This zone helps them experience the different tabs and their efficiency depending on their usage.

In addition to all this, the store is very simple and the decor as well as the placement of the phone is very subtle and sophisticated without any clutter. There are fun zones like the emoticon wall covered with all sorts of emotions for us emotional people :P I personally liked the store, it was both cozy and friendly even the store people seemed at easy and knowledgeable <most important isn't it :D >

So next time, you have a confusion which phone to buy and dunno where to go; hop into the nearest Univercell Sync store and rest assured you will be leaving the store with a good phone and a smile on your face :)
 The Address to the Store I visited is given below:

          Cecil Court Building,
          Next to Regal Cinema,
          Cause Way, Mumbai.

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