Sunday, 20 July 2014

A Zillion Zests !

I have to admit that there are about a "ZILLION" things and activities that add zest to my not so changing everyday life. And since I can't help but talk and share, here's some more!!


Midst all those 'pushes' and 'punches' and BETTER than daily soap, free of charge fighting lessons in train, I just get lost in those adventurous dreams of mine which rejuvenate me instantly. I always end up imagining myself next to Tom Cruise as his co star in all his Mission Impossible series with a amazing gadgets and gizmos battling the bad guys and then jumping and boarding an already airborne helicopter which is getting away.... and what not. And then dancing like Madhuri with all eyes fixed at me. It surely makes up my mood and I'm full of zest. I have to confess that I'm a bit afraid of heights but it is my inner most dreams that I want to fulfill and that is SKYDIVING. Amazing isn't it?? Even the thought of falling from a height say 50,000 feet gives anybody a cold feet, it gives me too but with that it also fills you with enthusiasm that can make your day.


Ok I might have never mentioned it before but those sparkling heels surely puts my heart in race. No matter how bad my day was or no matter how much I'm tired, but never ever deny a friend who needs my company for shopping. Amazing collection of anarkali's coupled with matching dangling earrings with perfect stilettos are a dream come true. An entire day spent in mall or market is worth it.


Since I'm a shopaholic this shouldn't surprise you  :D. Now since I'm not so fortunate enough to physically go there and attend the best of best brands by the designer, I quench my thirst for fashion by RELIGIOUSLY watching the fashion week on T.V.  My favorite...Milan Fashion Week.


Putting on those trekking shoes and heavy backpack stuffed with energy bars and drinks I end with a few friends on a green mount top posing for funny but pictures of enthralling locations. It's not something I do very often but once or twice a year is enough for the beautiful memories to gather and surround me in a boring or lonely atmosphere. Now since it's raining that amazing fragrance that arises when water droplets touch the soft soil is intoxicating. And anybody..ANYBODY is sure to feel the wave of zest through his or spine when cold breeze brushes through your hair and touches your soul with this fragrance....


Last but not the least. Even if the above mentioned things don't workout for me sometimes, my friends always do. They are like your part of soul. Aware of every fault in you but still love you flawlessly. even if I irritate them to fullest they always take a revenge which leaves a big smile on my face, tears in my eyes, red cheeks and a terrible pain in my stomach which I can't stop. Surprisingly I never want that pain to go away because that pain is fuel to my feeling full of zest. Of all the best moments and times of my life, I owe 98% of it to them. So hats off to my amazing friends!!!!

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