Thursday, 24 July 2014

Magical Black

I simply can't get enough of black and my list just keeps on increasing, someday it is black coffee (which is readily available) then the order day it is a black audi (a distant dream). With all my wishes cramping up and no space to store, I thought about penning it down in a list, at least 5 of them which I think every girl should have.

1. Black Iphone 5S: There is no comparison to Apple, it is by far the best in the market and unfortunately the most expensive one. Where people around me are gushing on the golden Iphone or the Silver one, all I wish for is the black. Not only does it add to the alluring mysterious classic factor, you aren't tagged girly or common by everyone.

2. Black MacBook Air: I am a gadget freak *alright not that much* but when it comes to computers and mobiles, yes I am. And just like my craze for a black Iphone, I equally yearn for the MacBook Air in black. My best buddy loves the silver one and keeps on gushing about how sexy it is, but hey isn't my favourite black supposed to be that? Duh! And I so so wish that the Apple people start creating one in black. *praying hoping wishing land*

3. Black Watch: A watch is an item that describes your personality, at least I am someone who looks at people's watches and tries to decipher them. Wearing floral watches is fun, but sometimes in a formal setting a black classy Titan watch can do wonders.

4. Black Bose AE2 Headphones: Music is my life, or at least I consider it to be. And what better way to enhance the experience other than buying a Bose one. Although I agree white is in vogue, nothing beats the ever trending black. You don't even need to bother if it get stain marks *if you are not an organized person and tend to keep things anywhere without a care it matters.*

5. Black Gucci Bag: Girls and shopping are synonymous, I am no different than others in this one. A black Gucci bag not only sounds cool, awesome and costly but it is worth it. Flawless black can be teamed up with any color dress and tada you are the spotlight of the party.And I so so wanna buy one someday.  


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