Thursday, 24 July 2014

Dark Paradise

The world is an amalgam of black and white, whilst white is all about peace there is something mysterious about the opposite that allures me. The mysterious black creeps up and engulfs me like the sky envelopes the bright stars at twilight.

I'm not like that wicked vampire who hunts at night, notoriously nocturnal is what I call myself. Black tempts me into submission and I do not shy. Black night sky, black heels and even all black gadgets. And though I'm a pretty zesty person full of tang, there is a part of me that craves to be kept hidden as,

Black is sexy, Black is rare..
With all the notoriety surrounding it..
I'm tempted to open my Pandora's Box..
And list out all that I voraciously crave and care..

Black Piano:

I believe in music the way that some people believe in fairy tales!

I still remember the very first and the only time I played a piano. I was in my 5th grade, and me being one of the naughty kids, ventured to an abandoned corner in the school and came across this ancient worn out piano. Something in me tickled, tempting me to run my hands on the rough broken keys. I don't remember the sound much, as I was caught soon after. But it stuck with me. Even today after such a long time, I yearn to learn to play the piano and own one in a startling black colour. 

Dreams dreams day dreams, one that I hope comes true one day! :D

Black Net Saree:  

Sarees gosh I gush over them like anything. Not only are they the perfect ensemble with an earthly ethnic charm. To me they are the perfect sensual symbol. And what more than a black saree. Believe me even a Miss red is sultry girl like me lusts over the perfect black net saree..

Black Arabian Stallion:

Regency Era, Victorian Era and till the early 20th Century is the time period that fascinates me the most. I've grown up reading about those amazing Jane Austen novels to Elizabeth Gaskell. Not to forget the fairy tales where Prince Charming comes riding on his Arabian Stallion. My love for horses began due to my love of historical classic fiction where the girl goes riding with her chaperon adoring her special riding habit. 

This is one of the most weirdest wishes of them all but I do hope that someday I get to own my own horse. Go riding in the country side, of course with a chaperon else I would drive the Stallion mad making him throw me down with a bang :P

Black Teardrop Pendant:

I don't like the concept of "the more the merrier" and hence I prefer wearing no or minimal jewelry. Out of all these essential items, one thing that I wish to have in my collection is a black teardrop pendant. Not only is it simple and poised, it looks pretty too.  

In fact, I can easily imagine myself wearing a black net saree with the teardrop pendant necklace! A truly suave and sophisticated combination!

Black Tea Set:

Did I mention that I'm a tea freak; Earl Gray, Camomile , Simple Indian Masala chai each one of them. It soothes me down when I'm hyper, helps me sleep when I'm insomniac and fills my tummy when I'm hungry (tea & biscuits :P) Coupled with it the fact, I like that make your own tea according to your taste. 

Not to forget that, I'm a sucker for traditional royal way of drinking tea, in delicate cups saucers and a cute little kettle. But then there are days when I can't handle all the flowery texture on them and for days like those I dream to own one black tea set; simple elegant and classy. Well if only, my dearest mother agreed and let me buy one in suave black.   

These things in the mysterious black..
Are the ones that adorn my dark paradise..
The only ones that keep me wishing..
Wishing, on a wishing star..


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this black pendent is so enchanting!

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